I hate losing.

This weekend, my wife and I played the Hogwarts Battle board game, with the Monster Box of Monsters expansion.

It had been a while since we last played, but I’ve been tracking our board game plays over the past year so I set us up to work through the second box of the expansion.

We played, got close to victory, but then ultimately lost.

Oh well. We had some time without the kids, so we set it up again.

Played it again.

Lost again.

It was late Saturday night, but we were both unhappy. We set it up a third time.



It was so frustrating. We would defeat all the villains down to the last one, but we couldn’t attack him until we had dealt with the encounters, which required us to roll three lightning symbols. And no matter how many times we rolled, we never rolled lightning.

Today we woke up and decided to try again.

We did not win.

So we played yet again. This last attempt, we changed up the characters to try something new.

It started off really well. We smashed through villains and the first two encounters effortlessly.

But then, perhaps predictably, we lost again when we failed to roll more lightning.

It was devastating. 5 games. 5 losses. If I look back at all my stats for this game and expansion, we’ve now only won one out of 7!

We don’t have time to play tonight, but I’m already planning out our strategy for the next playthrough.

I hate losing. So I’m going to keep playing until I win.