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    With the shuttering of Gizmodo Australia, I’m pulling a few of my favourite articles over here for safekeeping. Hopefully this won’t upset any of the Copyright Gods, as I don’t own the Copyright. But given the current owners are shuttering the publication I want to make sure this stuff isn’t lost … read more

  • Red Dead Redemption Hands On: So I Want To Be A Cowboy (Gizmodo republish)

    With the shuttering of Gizmodo Australia, I’m pulling a few of my favourite articles over here for safekeeping. Hopefully this won’t upset any of the Copyright Gods, as I don’t own the Copyright. But given the current owners are shuttering the publication I want to make sure this … read more

  • I’ve been playing through the _Mass Effect _trilogy for the past year and a bit 🎮. I’m in the end game stages of ME3, and I’m so emotional. I love these characters.

    There’s a scene after one of the last missions where Tali - an alien character who has to live in a special suit to keep herself safe from infection - decides to get drunk after a mission.

    It’s great, you have a nice conversation with her as she battles her demons. You only experience it if you opt to go to her after you complete that mission.

    But then, after talking to Tali, I went to visit another character on the ship - the last survivor of a long-dead alien race who was in stasis for 50000 years before I saved him - and Tali was drunkenly talking to him over the ships intercom.

    It was sweet, hilarious and cute at the same time.

    There are so many of these little interactions between characters (and my character of course) that I really feel like I know them. It’s not something I’ve experienced in too many games.

    I’m going to be sad when I finish it, that’s for sure.

  • I just finished playing Skyward Sword and I have to say, it seems very much like a prequel to Breath of the Wild. Some of the game mechanics, sure, but also the story.

    Could Tears of the Kingdom bring about the return of Demise? I reckon it might. 🎮

  • I’ve started trying to begin my day with the daily puzzles in Good Sudoku on Apple Arcade. I find that the simple logic and structure helps my brain focus a bit.

    It’s better towards the end of the work week when the puzzles are a little challenging, but not impossible.

  • It’s still school holidays, and today my daughter has pulled out Disney Infinity.

    I’ve watched her play through both the Inside Out game and the Star Wars Clone Wars missions.

    She is having the time of her life.

    I know the toys to life games were such a ridiculous money grab, but I still love the variety of Disney Infinity.

    It was such a fantastic implementation of Disney’s many, many IPs. Not just from the characters themselves, but also the story-mission games they launched. Plus there were consolidated games, like the racer and the Marvel brawler game!

    I’m still disappointed they cancelled it.

    I can’t help but wonder what they could have introduced over the years since it was scrapped.

    Combining all the Marvel characters to take on Thanos and the Infinity stones?

    Rescuing Grogu as The Mandalorian?

    Branching into all the Fox franchises? Imagine a Simpsons game! Even better, being able to play in the Toy Box with Homer and Luke Skywalker.

    I guess I should still be thankful for the games we did get in the series.

    But I can’t help but wonder what could have been…

  • I finally got around to finishing Luigi’s Mansion on the Switch last night.

    Was cute, simple fun, but I have no desire to go through again collecting Gems and ghosts, or playing any of the multiplayer stuff.

    Next up I think I’ll work Skyward Sword off the pile of shame.

  • Today I pulled out the Rock Band instruments and rocked out with the kids all day. My fingers ache, my shoulder is sore and I regret nothing.

    It was worth every single second.

  • I think I’ve hit the point in Arkham Knight where it’s time to quit. New game plus, most of the AR challenges, and the story driven DLC campaigns all done.

    Just don’t think I have it in me to try and Platinum this game. It was fun, but not as fun as the first 2 Arkham games.

  • My Nintendo Switch play summary for 2022 shows I probably didn’t play as much Switch as I should have.

  • This year’s gaming wrapup from PlayStation. So happy I bought a PS5 on launch day to play PS4 games this year!

  • Today was the first real day I haven’t had to do anything since quitting, and I was planning on doing things. Chores, Christmas wrapping… you know, things.

    Instead I played PlayStation.

    It can’t last - I have to do things tomorrow - but it was fun for today.

  • As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been playing through the Batman Arkham games for the past few months. It’s an incredible franchise, though now that I’m close to finishing Arkham Knight (again), I feel I can say that Arkham City is the best of the three.

  • The PSVR2 is going to cost $879.95 in Australia.

    The disc PS5 will set you back $799.

    PS+, which is required for any online gaming and is therefore essential, starts at $79.95 a year.

    Is anyone else feeling like their hobby is trying to take advantage of them? 🎮

  • EA is making an Iron Man game. it’s crazy that it took this long, given how awesome it felt to fly around as Iron Man in Disney Infinity. 🎮

  • Looks like Nintendo has found out how to take more of my money

    I have been holding off on the expanded Switch online offering since it launched. I just couldn’t see the value. But this… this could change things. 🎮 GoldenEye 007 Has Online Multiplayer On Nintendo Switch But Not On Xbox… read more

  • Replaying the Batman Arkham games 🎮

    I recently decided to replay the Batman Arkham games. Great decision - they hold up really well, with fluid combat, a tight story and an immersive world to explore. I even managed to get the Platinum trophy for Arkham Asylum. I had so much fun I decided to try for the Platinum trophy in Arkham City. … read more

  • Where The Hell Did All The Guiter Hero Bundles Go?

    What’s the deal, Activision? I’ve been looking for Guitar Hero: World Tour (full band kit) for the Xbox 360 for about three weeks now, and it’s sold out everywhere. Not only that, but apparently stores aren’t getting the next delivery until January. Meanwhile, you can pick up a full-band Rock Band … read more

  • The Force Unleashed: Awesome

    [ I just finished playing The Force Unleashed on Xbox 360. When I say finished, I mean I completed the story mode for the first time. My verdict: awesome. I’ve hardly enjoyed any game, let alone a Star Wars game like this for a long time. The game takes place in … read more

  • I Am Iron Man

    Finally saw Iron Man on Saturday afternoon. If you haven’t seen it already, get out to the movies as soon as you can to check it out – it’s fantastic. Robert Downey Jr is perfect as Tony Stark… I can’t wait for the sequel to launch in 2010… Lauren and I also picked up … read more