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  • This feature on Ahsoka in the latest issue of Empire has me so very, very excited. I want to temper my expectations, but I’m expecting perfection and that’s hard to ease back from.

  • I enjoyed this enough. I thought Ariel was great, as were Sebastian and Scuttle. But Eric, Flounder and Ursula were all a bit meh.

    But I don’t feel like there was anything added here to the original. That said, wife and daughter absolutely loved it, so maybe I’m just a bit too harsh.

  • It’s been so long since I watched this I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Great movie. Lays a lot of groundwork for_Frozen,_ too.

  • Yeah, I freakin’ loved Guardians Vol 3. They weren’t saving the Galaxy, they were saving each other, and also the Galaxy along the way.

    Now give me 23 episodes of Rocket and crew saving small time aliens around the universe, Disney!

  • Could barely keep my eyes open I was so bored… but it was still better than The Wild.

  • Finally got to Kara’s favourite Disney movie. She’s very happy.

    It took us years to watch this when it first came out. I think we were so jaded by the poor quality of the Disney movies before this one came out, so we never got around to it.

    But we missed out, because this is great.

  • Another classic.

    I was reading the other day that Ratatouille, Wall-E and Up were all made at Pixar during a period of time when the studio wasn’t working with Disney, and wasn’t yet owned by Disney either.

    The end result were these three movies that took some creative risks you typically don’t see in Disney films.

    I’m glad. This is a great film, and makes you ride the full spectrum of emotions.

  • First time I watched this all the way through. It was pretty good.

  • So good. I’m still blown away by how much emotion is in this movie about robots that barely talk.

  • Really loved watching the finale for The Mandalorian. Lots of questions about where things are going from here, but it was everything I hoped for from Star Wars. 📺

  • Can’t watch this now without thinking about Racacoonie. Still good though.

  • Definitely weaker than the original. Admittedly it was a tough act to follow, but this just seemed to be missing a lot for me.

  • Another disappointment in the Disney list. The early 2000s really were full of duds for the big D.

  • I think this is it. This is the worst Disney movie I have seen. Never again.

  • It’s better than the second one. At least it has a bit of a story, though it’s fairly predictable.

  • Ugh. This movie is so boring. It’s a silly plot and a ridiculous premise for a sequel.

  • Well, they’re setting the gang up for some pretty big storms given the amount of quiet in this episode. 3 episodes left.

    My guess is that at the end of the season Omega will be abducted and the Batch will have to try and rescue her… in season 3.

  • I am loving the Bo Katan Kryze story at the moment. She saw the mythosaur and is having a crisis of faith.

    So many connections to Clone Wars and Rebels here. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

  • Two very different Star Wars episodes this week, but both were exceptional.

    I loved watching Bo Katan be an absolute kick-ass Mandalorian. I’ve long been a fan of Katee Sackhoff, but this episode was exceptional, highlighting just how talented Bo Katan is, particularly when compared with Din.

    But watching Bad Batch and seeing the redemption of Crosshair continue was just as good. I can’t wait for next week’s episodes.

  • I really enjoyed the return of Mando this week. Grogu was superb, and there are plenty of threads for the show to explore this season.

    But Bad Batch this week was even better. Real horror movie vibes in an episode that picked up an old Clone Wars story that seemingly went nowhere. Can’t wait to see where the rest of the season goes from here!