• Thoughts on musical tastes

    Now I’ve passed the halfway point in my listen through of the top 100 albums on Apple Music, I was reflecting on the types of music I like and why. I don’t like hip-hop. I never really have. And I think that’s because for me, good music captures emotion. That’s partially … read more

  • So now that Apple Music has finished announcing its top 100 albums, I just want to say how crap I think the list is.

    No Foo Fighters Colour and the Shape. No Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet. No Pearl Jam Ten.

    I’ll keep listening through them, but I think Apple’s methodology was massively broken.

  • Ooh! Apple Music is running down its list of the best 100 albums. My mission is now to listen to all of them. Might even try and drop short reviews here as replies.

  • Today, I realised I miss listening to perfect albums

    I mentioned a couple of months ago that I have been obsessed with the latest Paramore album, This is why. I’ve always liked their music, but I feel like the new album is a fantastic piece of art, where every song is as good (or better) than the song before. There’s nothing in there I would skip … read more

  • I am absolutely, 100% earwormed by every track on the new Paramore album. The only way I can get one song out of my head is by mentally singing another song from the album. It’s great. 🎵

  • I guess I spent a bit of time getting ready for that David Gray White Ladder gig this year.

  • Just got home from a great day out with the family. Saw Wakanda Forever, enjoyed a great dinner and then saw David Gray play his White Ladder tour. Still buzzing.

  • Tonight I had a couple of glasses of wine and then bought tickets to take the family to go and see David Gray next weekend.

    I should have bought those tickets months ago. I am so excited - he’s an amazing performer and now I get to share it with the kids.

  • I’m listening to a playlist created by my 13 year old. It’s filled with rock from the 90s, peppered with some tunes from the 80s, an echo of my own teenage years.

  • Listening to the cast recording of the Aussie Jesus Christ Superstar from the 90s for the first time in years and am shocked I still remember more than 3/4 of the words. My son is mortified.

  • The last couple of Muse albums didn’t really do it for me, but I’m digging this one 🎶:

  • My body is ready. #bonjovitime

    A stage getting set up ready for Bon Jovi to perform as a crowd begins to gather
  • Thoughts From The Big Day Out 2009

    Yesterday Lauren and I headed over to the Big Day Out, courtesy of HP (who had a stand at the event). The only way to describe the experience come from the immortal words of Danny Glover: “I’m getting too old for this shit”. For a start, it was bloody hot. Even though I had … read more

  • Birds Of Tokyo At Wollongong Uni

    Last night, Lauren and I made the long trip down to Wollongong to see Birds of Tokyo. Aside from leaving me half deaf, it was amazing – the singer Ian Kenny’s voice is sensational. See for yourself below:

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  • R.I.P.: Leroi Moore (1961-2008)

    Those who know me well are aware that I’m one of a few thousand Australians who are huge Dave Matthews Band fans. So I’m obviously devastated by the untimely death of the band’s saxaphonist, Leroi Moore.

    Leroi past away on August 19 due to complications that arose following an ATV …

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