• Went for a walk and a coffee in the Botanic Gardens yesterday. Just after we saw these kangaroos, we came across a guy holding a GoPro camera. He came up to us and asked us (with a European accent of some description) if we had seen any kangaroos, and when we told him we had and pointed out where we had seen them, he excitedly exclaimed, “awesome!”

    I hope he saw them, I’m still thinking about him.

  • Went to the opening of the new Nepean river walk at Camden today. It was a really gorgeous day for it, and a really nice walk.

    Got to watch the gliders come in to land at Camden airport as well.

    The Nepean river lookout on the new walk at Camden, with trees in the foregroundPart of the new walk, with a tiny glider in the sky coming to land in the distance. The Nepean river lookout again where it connects with a creek and trees in the foregroundAnother spot to stop by the Nepean river on the walk. Art poles in a field on the walk.

  • I ate all of this. It was incredible.

    Doughnuts covered with chocolate fudge and strawberries.
  • Tried out a (new?) dumpling bar in Camden for lunch today and they were delicious.

  • Had to walk down the shops, and it looks like we had a fair amount of rain.

    Local playground that’s quite flooded&10;
  • Had the hot water replaced today. Moved from gas to heat pump. Hoping it will save us some dollarydoos and be better for the environment.

  • After years of trying to work out where we could fit it and whether it was a worthwhile investment, we finally bought a piano.

    It’s a little cramped, but it’s beautiful. Sounds so much better than the keyboard we had previously.

    A black Yamaha piano under a wall mounted tv next to an ikea bookshelf.
  • I reckon we saw almost 20 kangaroos and wallabies while walking around the Botanic Gardens today. Still such a thrill.

    a lone kangaroo on a hill watching us.

  • Google Search is shit

    I have to admit that the inspiration for this post is anger. Pure unadulterated rage. As many would know, last year I launched my own product review site, I’ve been working hard at trying to make it great, I’ve experimented with some things (including AI content), and have … read more

  • What the hell are the people at LinkedIn smoking?

  • I went out to take photos of some review products today in the Botanic Gardens. The local wildlife did not seem enthusiastic.

    a monstrously large ant with mandibles that could destroy a small child walking between two phones on red dirt.
  • How does a typo like this happen on a product’s box?

  • Making Beef Jerky for the first time in the Ninja Woodfire I’m pretty excited.

    marinated beef in a tray waiting to be slowly dehydrated to become jerky.
  • I am absolutely loving Lego at the moment. While I typically get most excited for the Star Wars stuff, this looks incredible!

    I guess that’s the wife’s birthday present sorted…

  • Finished Boba Fett today. Really love how there are subtle construction differences for similar features across the helmets.

    close up of the Boba Fett Lego helmet
  • Work

  • Finished the year with an Outer Rim win. First time playing with the expansion, which was a lot of fun. The great pirate, Hondo Ohnaka, could not be defeated. 🎲

  • And because I love me a good “year in review” roundup, here’s my Apple Music Replay 🎵

  • And just like that, here comes the Nintendo year in review 🎮

  • Ooh, PlayStation 2023 wrap up is here. 🎮

    No surprises for me this year.