• Went to the opening of the new Nepean river walk at Camden today. It was a really gorgeous day for it, and a really nice walk.

    Got to watch the gliders come in to land at Camden airport as well.

    The Nepean river lookout on the new walk at Camden, with trees in the foregroundPart of the new walk, with a tiny glider in the sky coming to land in the distance. The Nepean river lookout again where it connects with a creek and trees in the foregroundAnother spot to stop by the Nepean river on the walk. Art poles in a field on the walk.

  • At some point in the not so distant past, somebody vomited on the plane I just boarded.

    I can’t see it, but I can smell it.

    It lingers on the air, seemingly longing to repeatedly venture into my nostrils.

  • Australia’s snowy mountains may not compare globally, but they still looked nice flying over them this morning.

  • I’m commuting to the city on public transport for the first time since March 2020. I’m unsurprised, yet still hugely disappointed, that my mobile data still drops out between Glenfield and Holsworthy.

  • …and home after a long drive. The number of idiots on the road today tailgating and swerving between lanes in the rain was mind-boggling.

  • Doing the last day of holidays packing.

    I hate this bit.

  • Holy shit. I was at Sea World yesterday and looked at the helicopter rides. I feel for the families - this is horrible.

    Four dead after two helicopters collide near Sea World on the Gold Coast - ABC News

  • I spent the first day of 2023 with the family, pounding the pavement of Sea World. Still a great day out, but for some reason it felt like there was less there in the way of marine activities now compared to when we last visited 10 years ago.

  • I don’t think I could ever live here, but I do love the walking track that runs up and down the beaches of the Gold Coast. Such a gorgeous view in every direction.

  • After an epic 12 hour drive, we are finally on holidays up on the Gold Coast. Nice apartment, walking distance to the beach. Pretty tired, but looking forward to tomorrow!!

  • I just spent 45 minutes ransacking the house looking for the key to the car’s roof racks. I searched every nook; scoured every cranny… only to find them attached to my wife’s key ring.


  • Awesome trip out to Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.

  • Flashback to this stunning sunset at the Three Sisters.

  • Can’t believe this is all about to be over. What a place. #tasmania

    A glass of wine looking on a spectacular Tasmanian sunset
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