Random things

  • Just phenomenal stuff here, folks. Every time someone like me reports on Google’s AI getting something wrong, we’re training the AI to be wronger.

    Elizabeth Lopatto,  Google still recommends glue for your pizza, The Verge

    I really can’t wait for all the AI hype to die off. Sure, there are situations where AI can be helpful, but most of it is just crap, and the lofty promises of the technology will likely never become reality.

    But I particularly want the idea of AI in search results to die. It’s a completely inappropriate use of the technology, given it can’t (and will likely never will be able to) discern fact from fiction.

  • Just watched two (2!) absolute bell-ends do 3 point turns over double white lines in a school zone.

    A little old nanna walking past me couldn’t contain her shock. That’s how ridiculous it was.

  • Yesterday I was reviewing the espresso monitor for BTTR and drew a picture.

    My daughter was at Nanna’s, so I thought I’d send it to her. She loves that kind of thing.

    I searched for her in messages on the computer, pasted it in, wrote a quick message:

    “Hey beautiful, I drew you a picture”

    And hit send.

    Then I realised I had sent it to the cleaning company we use.

    I tried to delete it, and thought I had succeeded. Until I got a message today.

    “That’s lovely Nick but not sure if it was meant for Licence to Clean”.

    I am officially dead.

  • England was the better side overall tonight. But the Matildas were still phenomenal. Kerr’s goal was extraordinary.

    A couple of mistakes and a couple of missed chances was all it took for the match to go the other way.

    Let’s see them take third.

  • Yes.

  • Side of the house is coming along infinitely better than the 10 previous attempts. Still a long way to go though.

  • For probably the 10th time since we bought this house, I have cleared the weeds down the side to try and do something down here.

    Now, I am sore.

  • It’s been so long, it’s time for a life update

    The past few weeks have been hectic. I’ve been all over the place mentally, and things have changed fairly quickly. A quick summary: I got sick. Like, sicker than I’ve been in a long time. It took two courses of antibiotics to get me on the mend. Even then, the cough lingered, and I had to go get … read more

  • I’ve been testing an air purifier for work for a couple of weeks now and… I think I love it? I was a bit skeptical going in, but the air seriously just feels better around the home.

  • Today I went and had a briefing on a new coffee machine at the De’Longhi Coffee Lounge. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it involved drinking a number of coffees. I didn’t quite drink enough to be able to see through space and time, but I reckon I came close.

    Also I now have one of these machines to review. Look out world.

  • Was feeling pretty run down today, so decided to play video games instead of grinding away at work.

    It helped.

  • Now that the old barbecue is toast, I’ve had to pull out the Weber Q from retirement and… it cooks like a dream.

  • I’ll see that Quimby boy hang for this!

    What a morning. Today I did my civic duty reporting in for Jury Duty. That meant I sat around for hours waiting for the panels to be called so they could select the jury. Just as they sat us in the courtroom to decide the jury, the fire alarm went off. After evacuating to the park, hanging around … read more

  • Woke up at 4:30 this morning with a blocked nose and a pounding headache. Panadol helped, but I do not expect to be overly productive today.

  • Ed Zitron captured the perfect analogy about company obsession with growth today.

    As my friend Kasey put it in a recent conversation, growth is a fire. If you build a nice, sustainable fire, it’ll keep you warm, cook food and sustain life. And if the only thing you care about is how big your fire is, then it’ll set fire to everything around it, and the more you throw into it, the more it’ll burn. Eventually, you’ll have nothing left, but if you desperately desire that fire, you will constantly have to find new things to burn at any cost.

  • Sunday barbecue

    Well, my Sunday afternoon took a turn. Getting ready to cook a nice roast pork on the barbecue when a layer of residual grease stuck under the drip tray of the barbecue caught on fire. At first I thought it would just burn itself out. Then we got a fire blanket. Then we called the fire brigade. … read more

  • Now that the kids are back at school, I’ve been more focused on trying to work.

    And now that I’m more focused on trying to work, I’m less focused on writing stuff here.

    I need to consciously remember to write here.

  • Today was spent mourning my wife’s uncle, who recently passed away.

    It was a lovely service and commemoration and we caught up with family we don’t see enough.

    As we caught up with these friends and relatives, it struck me how coming together with loved ones, no matter how sad the reason, is still a great cause for joy.

    Rest in peace Rex.

  • Finally got around to cleaning under the lounge today.

    It was filthy.

    I have already created a calendar event to do it again in six months so I don’t have to deal with quite so much dust and dirt next time.

  • I just spent 45 minutes ransacking the house looking for the key to the car’s roof racks. I searched every nook; scoured every cranny… only to find them attached to my wife’s key ring.