Well, my Sunday afternoon took a turn.

Getting ready to cook a nice roast pork on the barbecue when a layer of residual grease stuck under the drip tray of the barbecue caught on fire.

At first I thought it would just burn itself out.

Then we got a fire blanket.

Then we called the fire brigade.

(Well, that all happened in about two minutes, but it felt like much longer).

Nobody got hurt. The roast didn’t even make it into the barbecue, so it’s now cooking in the oven, though our plans for an early dinner have been vanquished.

The fire brigade was awesome, as expected. They came, doused, made sure everyone was okay and left.

All the neighbours enjoyed the excitement of the fire trucks pulling into our little street too.

I think the whole street are now shopping for fire blankets too.

(If you don’t have one, you should definitely get one. Do it today).

My BBQ being extinguished My BBQ being extinguished The aftermath of my Barbecue barbecue