Today I took the kids to Treetops out in Western Sydney.

It was incredible. It’s rare I can find something that is active, outdoors and makes both the kids so happy.

None of us were quite sure what to expect – I haven’t done a high ropes course since I was a teenager, and neither of the kids has been lucky with this stuff

(Jai was supposed to do it on camp, but a kid tested positive for COVID-19, and so he missed out, while Kara was supposed to do it at her day camp last year, but she was too sick to go.)

From the moment we arrived, the experience was excellent. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the courses were a lot of fun.

We managed to get through the green course twice and the blue course once. Next time, both kids are keen to try the red course.

The only downside to the whole experience is that I couldn’t wear my watch while doing it, so my exercise rings aren’t an accurate representation of the exercise I’ve done today.

And judging by how tired I am right now, I probably burnt a whole heap of calories today.