Early in the pandemic, I was looking for a new hobby.

For the past couple of decades, I’ve enthusiastically enjoyed spending my free time playing video games as my “hobby of choice”. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that whipping out the old DualShock (DualSense now?) to bring be less joy.

All of this aligned with me hitting my 40s. I’d never had as much disposable income. My kids were hitting the age where they can look after themselves a little bit. And my job satisfaction was waning.

And so, I decided I was going to collect and play board games to beat back the tedium of being stuck at home almost 24/7 during the early parts of COVID.

Now, about two years later, I have spent way too much money collecting and playing board games. I love it though. I joke with my family that this is my mid-life crisis, and that it is better than buying a sports car or motorcycle.