Today has been a struggle. Hell, every Monday is a struggle, but this weekend was harder than most. Namely because our dog Simba spent most of Friday night and half of Saturday vomiting.

It started about 2am Friday night. At 4:30am, Lauren and I decided that we’d put him outside (we gave him a comfortable bed) so we could get a few hours sleep. A couple of hours later, he woke us barking so we brought him in. An hour after that, he barked again, which is something he rarely does, and only when he’s telling us he NEEDS to go outside.

When we woke up a few hours later and opened the door to check on him, he had been sleeping in his hidey hole in the garden. In the rain. Where it was muddy. The photo above wasn’t from Saturday morning, but the truth of it was that he looked worse. He was shivering and caked in mud. We spent the next hour or so bathing him.

When he was clean, the vet’s had closed. But seeing as how he hadn’t thrown up for a while, we were hoping he was on the mend. And he was… until he threw up again.

Saturday night was another late night, this time due to an engagement party (congrats Jo and Danie!). We’d gotten him a babysitter and everything was fine – he woke me up at 5am to go to the bathroom – but after that he was back to his normal self on Sunday (although a little weak). He spent the day chasing lizards and helping Lauren prune the roses.

But even though I’m an exhausted wreck at the moment, I’m just happy the dog’s okay…