I was fortunate enough to get a single pass to the premiere of the new Indiana Jones movie last week in Sydney. My thoughts on the film can be found over at Giz, but a quick summation is that its enjoyable, but they overstepped the “suspension of disbelief mark” a couple of times, which really detracted from the film.

When we went into the theatre, we had to hand in all mobile phones and cameras. By the time the movie was finished, I was so desperate to go to the toilet that I ran out past the table to collect my phone, straight past the throngs of people hanging around, presumably hoping for a chance to test out their Russian accents on Cate Blanchett, until I found sweet relief in the urinal’s embrace.

Once the fear of staining my good jeans had disappeared, I noticed that next to me were Jack Thompson and Glenn A Baker having a discussion about some thing or other while they drained the dragon.

And before anybody asks, no I did not introduce myself. I went to the basin, washed my hands and went back to collect my phone… There are just some places where you don’t talk to strangers, especially if they’re celebrities of any grade, and the urinal is right up the top of that list.