Normally I don’t have a problem at the dentist. The drilling, the grinding, the scraping… so what?

But today I saw something that made me cringe. And it wasn’t just the bill (although that wasn’t anything to smile at either).

It was my wisdom teeth. Or more to the point, the 1.2cm gap behind my back right molar caused by my wisdom teeth pushing out.

So far, I haven’t really experienced a lot of pain, but if I do nothing, I run the risk of losing that back molar as well as the widom tooth. Of course if I have my wisdom teeth removed, I run the same risk apparently.

I’ve been referred to a oral surgeon, so hopefully he’ll provide me a little bit more guidance in what I should do. Of course, I need to have some more X-rays (on top of the ones I had today that cost $110) before any decisions are made – apparently there’s a nerve that could be in an awkward position.

I’ve decided that I hate my teeth – they’re costing me too much money.