What an exciting weekend. Lauren and I cleaned. Really cleaned. The house has been neglected for so long, what with the wedding and everything, that there was a stench permeating the very pores of the walls. Now, that’s gone, (hence Mr Sparkle above).

I mean, you know your house hasn’t been cleaned properly when you’re sitting down watching Pirates of the Caribbean on a Friday night and you watch a mouse run across the hallway floor. Thankfully, Simba the Brave managed to pry himself away from his bed long enough to catch the mouse once it had run into the linen cupboard.

And the only thing worse than one mouse – two mice. About an hour later, just as the movie finished, another little bugger ran across the exact same spot. Sadly (not so much), it had a similar fate to the first – Simba the brave caught it, then proceeded to play with it until he lost it in the garden somewhere. In case you were in any doubt, the mouse didn’t survive.

Last night Lauren and I designed our wedding Thank you cards in iPhoto. I love the fact that you can do it, but I’d like a bit more flexibility. Hopefully they’ll arrive soon and we can send them out, completing the last of our wedding related duties (other than paying off the credit card).