• Driving home got funnelled into an RBT. First officer did the test, asked if I had my licence and when I reached for it, said he believed me and waved me along… to the last officer, who made me get my licence out and tested me again. 😂

  • I have too many products to review. That isn’t a bad thing, it just means time management is important.

    I suck at time management.

  • Finished Boba Fett today. Really love how there are subtle construction differences for similar features across the helmets.

    close up of the Boba Fett Lego helmet
  • Nothing like having Covid to give you time to get through a book.

    Had to restart it. But too much politics for my liking, but overall a decent story.

    Finished reading: Bloodline by Claudia Gray 📚

  • Last year, I started playing Good Sudoku’s daily challenges on a quest to get the yearly streak challenges.

    Yesterday was day 364.

    And I forgot to play…

  • Work

  • Finished the year with an Outer Rim win. First time playing with the expansion, which was a lot of fun. The great pirate, Hondo Ohnaka, could not be defeated. 🎲

  • Spent today with the Gerni and my mother in law’s house. Pretty knackered now, but everything looks much nicer.

  • We watched Days of Future Past with the kids the other night, so I was telling them about how the Quicksilver kitchen scene was created in Adelaide and how I got to go and see how it was done for this article.

  • And because I love me a good “year in review” roundup, here’s my Apple Music Replay 🎵

  • And just like that, here comes the Nintendo year in review 🎮

  • Ooh, PlayStation 2023 wrap up is here. 🎮

    No surprises for me this year.

  • I ate too much Indian food. Birthday regrets.

  • Finished building the Boushh Lego helmet today. I love it. The way the mask came together with the last bag was fantastic. It’s so clever!

    The Lego Princess Leia Boushh helmet all put together.
  • This time of year really knows how to drain my bank balance.

  • Started building Leia’s Boushh Lego helmet. Forgot to take a pic after bag 1, but I’m loving how the details and shape are coming together after bag 2.

    The Star Wars Lego Princess Leia Boushh helmet partially constructed, being held up in front of the box showing the completed product.
  • Somebody in Canada has come to BTTR, viewed 24 pages and clicked on 88 different affiliate links in one session. Because they are Canadian, they aren’t going to convert. They have, however, stuffed up my performance metrics for the week.

  • Just watched two (2!) absolute bell-ends do 3 point turns over double white lines in a school zone.

    A little old nanna walking past me couldn’t contain her shock. That’s how ridiculous it was.

  • Not that long ago, my son would talk about how much money he would make in a year if he mowed our lawn every weekend.

    Today, I gave up nagging him and tackled the grass jungle myself. He didn’t even look up.


  • Daughter is away at school camp for the first time. Hope she’s having fun!